Anonymous: jesus just let homophobes be homophobic

please be kidding

isaakstilinski: OMG THATS SO GOOD THO IM RELIEVED AHAHAH. but why would jeff and the cast fuck with us like that????? WHAT IF ITS ISAAC???

Probably just to peak interest if they thought ratings would go down? Yeah I’m really scared it’s Isaac cause he hasn’t been on either call sheet and hasn’t been on set, plus he’s filming something else right now :(

Anonymous: i swear i miss him a lot but i swear too, i cant do anything about it and now that he's happy with her new girl which is the one who used to give us a relationship advice seriously it hurts a lot seeing their pics together sharing their amazing love on instagram i swear i'm so sorry i couldnt make him so happy like she did please i dont wanna get hurt nor cry anymore about him please

wait i don’t understand what this is about

am i supposed to know what this is about?

organzah: now you have one, bailey

organzah: That anon was wrong. It's not an eggplant; it's a purple penis.
Anonymous: Is there any significance behind the Eggplant picture?

not particularly

Anonymous: 6!

Anonymous: freedom is no joke

america is though

Anonymous: Nickname- hot stuff because hot chocolate is hot

what if you let it cool down and just have chocolate milk

Anonymous: You're so cuuuute!!! *-*


strippercops: 4 7 13 25 31 idk

4 - not really, apart from my cat and that sucked

7 - i have absolutely no idea, probably 15th of august cause that was results day and i actually did well

13 - nobody really

25 - hoodie allen

31 - nothing i’m pretty sure i’ve actually gone insane

Anonymous: you telling other people to learn to read sentences is a bit rich don't you think, you knobhead

not really i’m perfectly capable of reading the formation of a sentence but thanks for the concern, cowardly anon

Anonymous: Favourite youtubers

the holy trinity, mike rizzi, jake bley

Anonymous: this may be creepy but I find you extremely attractive :)

cheer(s) m’dear

Anonymous: hey man hey where are you applying for uni?

liverpool, leeds, sheffield, surrey and bournemouth :)